This Garmin map was made with data from © OpenStreetMap contributors.

This is a map for motorcyclists and it covers Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore. Motorcycles are not allowed on some roads in Asia and these roads are shown as grey un-routable roads. These roads are typically toll roads and overpasses over major intersections and primarily located in Bangkok. Maximum assumed cruising speed is capped at 90 km/h, this is to provide realistic estimated arrival times for smaller motorcycles.

This map uses the English name tags by default. If an English name is not available the local name is transliterated to Latin characters. If you see a name that appears a bit garbled it is probably because it is the result of an automated transliteration.

OSM is free and not copyrighted with worldwide coverage. It is made and updated by it's users. Please use and distribute this map. If more people use OSM, more people will also in the end contribute to it. If you want to participate a good place to start is The OSM data, which is in a generic format, was converted into a Garmin map with the free mkgmap software. You can also download free worldwide Garmin maps from Lambertus.

If you have a question or comment please visit Ride Asia Motorcycle Forums.

This map contains all updates made before (Updates Thursdays)

Map for Garmin GPS

Download map suited for older GPS units. The roads are styled to resemble Basecamp style.

Download map suited for newer GPS units. The roads are not styled. Style is added by the GPS.

If your GPS has an Apps icon on the start screen it is a newer unit. Both maps versions work on all units however, the difference is only cosmetic.

Older (left) and newer (right):

Save the map on your unit's memory card in a folder named garmin, this garmin folder must be in the root folder. If this folder does not exist you create it.

Newer units can have multiple maps saved on the memory card. They can be named as you like as long as the names are suffixed .img.

Older units can have two additional maps in your Garmin's garmin folder in the internal memory. If you save two maps in the internal memory you name the first gmapprom.img and the second gmapsupp.img.

Installer for Windows Computer

Download installer for use with BaseCamp or Mapsource.

Run the installer to install the map on your computer for use with BaseCamp or Mapsource. If Basecamp or Mapsource is running you must first close it before running the installer. Run the installer as administrator to ensure proper installation, right click and select run as administrator. If you can not see the map in BaseCamp or Mapsource despite successful installation you may only need to zoom in.

Gmap format for Mac and Windows Computer

Download gmap for use with BaseCamp.

Unzip the file, it contains a folder.

For Mac copy the complete folder to /Applications/Garmin

For Windows copy the complete folder to {user}\AppData\Roaming\Garmin\Maps or \ProgramData\Garmin\Maps.

BaseCamp screen shots

Icon Description Garmin Menu as on Zumo 660
Resort Lodging
Hotel Lodging
Guesthouse, Motel, Hostel Lodging
Camping Site Lodging
Fuel Station Fuel
Parking Space Parking
Hospital, Clinic, Dentist, Veterinary Hospital
Amusement or Theme Park Attractions>>Amusement or Theme Park
Museums, Historical, Art Attractions>>Museum or Historical
View Point, Waterfall, Cave, Geological Site Attractions>>Landmark
Zoo, Aquarium Attractions>>Zoo or Aquarium
Hall, Auditorium Attractions>>Hall or Auditorium
Wine Yard Attractions>>Winery
Spring Attractions>>Hot Spring
Beach Attractions>>Other
Other Attraction Attractions>>Other
Park, Garden Attractions/Recreation>>Park or Garden
Stadium Attractions/Recreation>>Arena or Track
Golf Course, Driving Range, Mini Golf Recreation>>Golf Course
Skiing Center, Resort Recreation>>Skiing center or Resort
Bowling Alley Recreation>>Bowling Center
Ice Rink Recreation>>Ice skating
Public Swimming Pool Recreation>>Swimming Pool
Sports or Fitness Center Recreation>>Sports or Fitness Center
Public Sport, Private or Military Airport Recreation>>Public Sport Airport
Live Theater Entertainment>>Live Theater
Bars, Nightclubs Entertainment>>Bar or Nightclub
Movie Theater Entertainment>>Movie Theater
Casino Entertainment>>Casino
Other Entertainment Entertainment>>Other
American Restaurant Food>>American
Asian Restaurant Food>>Asian
Barbecue Restaurant Food>>Barbecue
Chinese Restaurant Food>>Chinese
Deli, Bakery Food>>Deli or Bakery
International Restaurant Food>>International
Fast Food Restaurant Food>>Fast Food
Italian Restaurant Food>>Italian
Mexican Restaurant Food>>Mexican
Pizzeria Food>>Pizza
Seafood Restaurant Food>>Seafood
Steak or Grill Restaurant Food>>Steak or Grill
Bagel, Donut Food>>Bagel or Donut
Cafe, Diner Food>>Cafe or Diner
French Restaurant Food>>French
German Restaurant Food>>German
British Isles Restaurant Food>>British Isles
Specialty Restaurant Food>>Specialty Food Products
Other Food>>Other
Department Store, Mall Shopping>>Department
Convenience Store Shopping>>Grocery
Supermarket Shopping>>Shopping center
Pharmacy, Chemist Shopping>>Pharmacy or Chemist
Clothes, Beauty, Fashion, Hair, Shoes, Laundry Shopping>>Apparel
Garden, DIY, Paint, Hardware, Flowers, Electronics Shopping>>House and garden
Furniture Shop Shopping>>Home furnishings
Special Food, Books, Butcher, Bicycle, Boat, Art Shopping>>Special retail
Dedicated Computer Shops Shopping>>Computer/software
Retail or Market Areas, All Other Shops Shopping>>Other
Highway Rest Area, Tourist Office Auto Services>>Rest Area or Tourist Info
Fuel, Food, and Toilets in one compond. Auto Services>>Truck Stop
Car or Bike Club Auto Services>>Automobile club
Car or Bike Wash Auto Services>>Car wash
Car or Motorcycle Repair Shop Auto Services>>Auto repair
Car or Motorcycle Dealer Auto Services>>Dealer or Auto parts
Tow Truck, Salvage Yard Auto Services>>Wrecker service
Car, Motorcycle or Bicycle Rental Auto Services/Transit>>Auto rental
Commercial Airport Transit>>Air Transportation
Taxi, Bus Stop, Train Station, Ferry Transit>>Ground Transportation
Travel Agency Transit>>Transit Service
Library Community>>Library
School Community>>School
Churche, Temple, Mosque Community>>Place of Worship
Utility Company, Recycling Community>>Utility
Postal Service Community>>Post office
Bank or Atm Community>>Bank or ATM
Police Community>>Police station
City or Town Hall Community>>City Hall
Court, Prison Community>>Court house
Community Center Community>>Community Center
International or Local Border Crossing Community>>Border crossing
Government Office, Bureaucrat Community>>Government office
Fire Station Community>>Fire Department
Housing, Suburb, Apartments Not categorized
Light House Not categorized
Pic Nic Site Not categorized
Playground Not categorized
Shelter Not categorized
Grave Yard Not categorized
Drinking Water Not categorized
Industrial area, factory Not categorized
Electrical installation Not categorized
Military installation Not categorized
Toll or Ticket Booth Not categorized
Check Point Not categorized
Water Crossing or Ford Not categorized
Peak Not categorized
Traffic light Not categorized
Block, Gate Not categorized